The Sisterhood of Animae Caribe | Camille Selvon
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The sisterhood of Animae Caribe

The sisterhood of Animae Caribe

WHEN local animation pioneer Camille Selvon was studying in London and was invited to events, she always noticed she was the only woman, as well as the lone black and Caribbean person. She was determined that when she returned to TT that would not be the case.

And through her efforts and presence she has inspired many young women to study animation locally and be part of the all-female team of the region’s largest digital media and animation festival, Animae Caribe.

Business Day chatted with the Animae Caribe founder and director last week and asked her about the gender balance in the animation industry generally.

“Ironically it is a male-dominated industry. Absolutely. So, it’s funny that Animae Caribe and even the programme I do at UTT (University of Trinidad and Tobago) there’s a very strong female presence.”